Rules (Read before posting!)


    Rules (Read before posting!)

    Post by Spawn on Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:21 am

    Rules for posting in the Arcade...

    • Only one game may be posted per topic.
    • You may not embed anything else in the topic.
    • You are allowed to make replies as long as they are about the game (high scores, love it, hate it, etc.)
    • You may not ask for help within the game topics, please use the other sticky for that.
    • You MUST include the source to the game, be it the place you got it from or the creator of the game. (Link format.)
    • The title must be the title of the game.
    • No hacked games are allowed to be embedded. (Hacked games include ones that have been modified to give you unlimited money or stats, etc.)
    • No adult content is allowed in the games.
    • Do not post just the link to the game. Use the request thread for posting links to games.
    • Do not leave a broken flash code. If it is broken, either edit the post or delete it and consult the help thread.


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