How to post games. (Read before asking!)


    How to post games. (Read before asking!)

    Post by Spawn on Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:54 am

    You may ask questions on how to embed games here, but please read below before asking!

    There are 2 major formats games tend to be found in; Flash and Java. I will show you how to embed the most common ones. Most of the time, the games will have an embed code nearby in HTML. If there is one, you can just copy/paste that and place
    tags around it. (Center tags are so the game doesn't appear off to the left of the forum.)

    If there is no embed code, follow the tutorials below:


    The easiest way to obtain a URL to a flash game is to right click off to the side and search for .swf . Once you find it, place it in a bbcode like this:

    [center][flash(width,height)]URL GOES HERE[/flash][/center]

    For width and height, you will have to search nearby for the width="" and height="" numbers and place them in their appropriate spots.

    After that, copy/paste the url to the site you found the game on and place it after Source: under the game.


    These ones are a bit tricky and I haven't really messed with Java games myself. Most require additional scripts be hosted on the site (Making the game impossible to embed on here.).

    Java games use the Applet tag, so when looking through the source, search for that in the HTML. If it doesn't work, or comes up with an exception for security, you probably won't be able to use it on here.


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