Teh Forum Userbars


    Teh Forum Userbars

    Post by Guy on Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:06 pm

    If you guys don't want this sticky'd, I'll take it off. You can make your own userbars for this site if you want, I'll edit them into this post.
    In fact, if you want me to put your own little text into the bar, tell me by a reply or PM. Just tell me what you want (i.e. Teh Forum Addict, Teh Forum Whore, etc)

    Here are a few userbars I whipped up in 5 min for this site.
    If you want to use them around here or at other sites to show off your membership, go ahead.
    I guess they could be used for some sort of ranking thing here if you wanted.

    I would suggest that you link to this site in the image, like this:
    [url=http://tehforum.omgforum.net/][img]Replace image url here[/img][/url]
    Which would turn out like this:

    Anyways, here they are:

    Just right click and copy the image url, then put that url in [img][/img] tags if you wish to use them
    More could be added in the future with possible rankings, like "writer" or "chat moderator" , etc.

    Hope you like them!

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