Tuxx's Gym


    Tuxx's Gym

    Post by Guy on Sun Apr 04, 2010 3:21 pm

    4554 6585 1979 ~ PP
    4426 4013 8306 ~ PSS

    Welcome to my gym!
    Here I am using my personal team I made. So when you battle me, you are battling my best (well, i do have a uber team that's never lost, but that's no fun).

    ~~~ Single Battle, lvl 100.
    ~~~ No Clauses, just play
    ~~~ You are allowed 1 Uber on your team, if you wish. See a list of "uber" pkm below.
    ~~~ Please, no hacked stats, movesets, or abilities (i.e. Wonder Guarding everything, 999 stats/Bypassing the 510 EV Sum Limit, Giving a move like Roar of Time to everything). I personally pokesav'd my pokemon (and I don't care if you did yourself), but I kept the stats and etc %100 legitimate, and checked to make sure. You may check also if you're paranoid. If you're a fair sport and are a little skeptical about any PKM you might have received in the past, ask me and we'll check that one out.

    Requirements & How to Challenge Meh
    ~~~ I'll be the first gym leader for now. So no requirements.
    ~~~ To challenge me, PM me, reply to this topic asking you'd like to battle, or catch me in the chat, and we'll find a good time for both of us. If you don't say you're wanting it to be a formal gym match, then I'm taking it as a normal battle, and any wins/losses will not be counted

    Current Challengers & Winners
    Waiting Challengers ~~~ N/A now XD
    Winners ~~~ N/A
    Gym Record ~~~ 0W/0L
    Personal Record ~~~ 4W/1L

    I'll give you a legit Arceus. It's also my personal competitive one, and it kicks ass.

    You know those little dudes that lurk around gyms in most pkm games?
    Well, if you'd like to be one, tell me. For now, though, this position is closed. You would get to fight the challenger first before they reach me, and would be like a 'requirement' in order to battle me. You could also success me if I had to be gone for a while or just left the gym all together.

    List of Ubers
    As mentioned, here's a reference list of uber PKM taken from smogon. Like I said, you can have 1 out of these on your team, if you so wish. I would put this in a spoiler but for some reason it doesn't work for me.

    Arceus **
    Darkrai **
    Deoxys (All Formes)
    Giratina (Orgin Forme)
    Shaymin (Sky Forme) (mine is in land form when you battle me)

    **Although I don't care if you use Darkrai or Arceus, it is frowned upon in my gym...

    Questions or comments are welcome in this topic!

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