All About This Section


    All About This Section

    Post by Guy on Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:08 pm

    This topic well cover:
    - Basically what the hell this section is, and how it's run
    - Gym leaders, who can and cannot be
    - How to challenge
    - (For any gym leaders) How you can set up a gym
    - And some global, expected rules from everyone


    This section is for anyone who wouldn't mind running a Pokemon gym, and battle every once in a while (we're not hardcore players here, people, unless you are one). This is for fun, and can help the community roll a bit.

    Gym Leaders~

    Who can be one?
    As of now, anyone may be one. Well, for now at least.
    We'll start off small I guess. How about 4 gym leaders? Since I am already one, there are (3) open slots. PM me if you're interested and we'll talk. ONCE ALL SPOTS ARE TAKEN, I'LL UPDATE THIS TOPIC TO MAKE IT CLEAR FOR NO MORE REQUESTS.

    Once I am one, what do I do?
    Follow my example from my gym topic: lay out some rules, show people how to request a battle, give the gym a name, and make your topic look pretty or something. Your gym, your rules, that's how it goes. Gyms do NOT have to be a specific type.


    How to I go about battling these leaders?
    However they tell you to, and whatever requirements must be passed to challenge them.

    How do I become one?
    Read the global rules coming up.

    Global Rules

    These are rules to be followed by both gym leaders and members alike. Nothing strict, just common sense.

    --- Please be fair, both of you. Follow your own rules, and make sure the challenger does the same; be honest if the person won or lost.
    --- To Gym Leaders: Right now this doesn't seem to be a big deal, but, whenever the site gets large enough and there are (possible) several challenges, do your best to stay active on that, or somehow alert us that you're away for a while (yes, everyone here has lives) if you're passionate about being one. If you wish to resign, PM me. After 3 weeks of inactivity as a gym leader, however, your position will be taken away.
    --- To Members: From the rule above, once a gym leader is gone, the slot is open for grabs. Whoever PMs me first and passes gets the job.

    That's all. Anything goes. Cheers cheers


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