MKWII Texture Pack v.6 released


    MKWII Texture Pack v.6 released

    Post by エメムオ on Thu Apr 01, 2010 4:05 pm

    Yes at last, now you are able to play MKWII with texture hacks right from your SD card. All you need is an homebrew app called Riivolution and a prepared pack from someone, yes completely legit and no extra hacks as long you have the original disc to play.

    Releasing today my first pack for MKWII:

    What's new.

    -32 tracks texturized including 3 from battlemode
    -Most of it's music have been replaced introducing few custom song like MXC undub and Yu-Gi-Oh Online duel accelerator main duel theme.
    -English package corrected and with textures track name.
    -Custom Strap Screen at start up of the game
    -Optional item icon replacement included
    -Pack designed for NTSC-U MKWII disc in mind

    Confirmed 100% to work with Riivolution.

    Download the pack here

    See a video on action.

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    Re: MKWII Texture Pack v.6 released

    Post by Guy on Fri Apr 02, 2010 8:33 am

    awesome. DL'ing now.
    Great job.

    It looks coolio from what I see.

    Re: MKWII Texture Pack v.6 released

    Post by エメムオ on Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:50 pm

    It works fine offline but i can't get the hacked main.dol to work with Riivolution which means you need an extra XML to enable ocarina codes if wanna use them online. I saw someone posted something on volderbeek but i haven't try it, i just continue using USB method to save the lens. This pack is 6 times smaller than just packing the entire disc so this way will not harm Nintendo in any way because it does not contain vital files that can make the game playable without having it first so it's completely legal. I'm not done with this so maybe in the future i'll release a complete pack.


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    Re: MKWII Texture Pack v.6 released

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