New Bar thingy, plus a quick announcement


    New Bar thingy, plus a quick announcement

    Post by Guy

    As you can see, there is a new bar thing on the bottom. I tried to pick a color that wouldn't contrast so badly.
    With the addition of the bar, several things have become obsolete.

    There are several options on the bar:
    Translate: obviously, translates to a chosen language. If you know a different language well and would like to test that out, tell me how well its translation is.

    "Latest": Takes away the need of the scrolling "New Posts" on the front page. Shows the latests posts from the site via RSS Feed.

    Online: Shows the amount of people who are online at the moment, live.

    An Icon which looks like a shuffle button: Basically, this thing shows a random topic on the site when you click it. I thought that was cool.

    Chatz: A chat. Sure, we've had a million of these. I don't suggest using this now, as Spawn's IRC Chat works just fine for now. Theres a few things about this chat that makes me skeptical, yet, there are several features that are awesome.

    It has a video/voice chat if you want to use it. That's awesome. It also appears as if you can "Share Desktops". This basically records video of you doing stuff on your CPU so others can watch. Good for demonstrations. It's not the best, however.

    You can also send PMs and Ignore others.

    That's about it. The other functions, the shared document and group white board (which are coolio and all) don't work. Also, no one can moderate. So use this if you want to.

    Notifications: that thing on the right. I can post site updates/notifications there that will pop up.

    That's not all the bar at the bottom can do.
    It has live twitter updates, Facebook updates from a fan page, coolris photo sharing and stuff from a group, Youtube videos (if we get a channel, then this could be useful), Navigation links (makes our old nav bar up there obsolete), games, searching, and a thing, plus a few more things.

    As for the announcement, after i found the bar, I accidentally ran into a site that has inspired me to design the site a bit better again, maybe. That might come soon.

    Look at (my testing site) for possible updates for a theme. All testing will be there.

    Check out the place, my 2 cents to whoever did a great job on making that site:

    That's all.
    Feedback or ideas are appreciated Very Happy
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    Post on Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:23 am by Spawn

    I don't see a bar...

    Edit, nevermind, I see it now. Had my user agent on Python.

    Where did you get this from?

    Post on Mon Mar 22, 2010 2:49 pm by Guy

    it's called wibiya.

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