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    Here you'll find the current list of the staff.
    And like, stuff about us and what we do
    Admins/Mods or w/e, edit in whatever you see fit about yourself. I'll just post things I think I know you do well XD


    Czar (or Sharky) ~ Admin/News Dude
    From what I've seen he's an all around good dude and does news stuffz. Sees over the site.

    Spawn ~ Admin/Tech Guru
    He sees over the site and adds sections and whatnot, helps structure thangs. Not to mention he's pretty smart with computer tech (i.e. perl, site hosting and etc) and a super guy.

    エメムオ ( I call him Jap ) ~ Awesome Admin
    Basically does what every normal admin does, sees over the site and takes care of member matters. He's also a pretty good Wii haxer. Check out some of the vids on his MKWii full ISO hack

    Tuxx ~ Founder/Owner/Admin
    I serve as head GFX and basically add stuff to the site as I see fit. Feel free to PM me if you want if you've got questions & suggestions.

    Right now all we've got is admins, lolz

    Additions/any Subtractions to staff will be updated here XD Just for usefulness
    And finally, if you think you're up for the job as a GFX leader, Moderator/Global Mod, or a writer, PM me personally and we'll talk.

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