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    Wii Unban Stuff

    Post by Guy on Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:34 pm

    Note: If you have any "Un-Ban" methods for wifi purposes on other systems like XBox 360 or PS3, etc, you may post those (make sure it's a good guide), and I'll Pin them all including this one, since hacking and banning are universally connected. We just need a guide for each system before we can sticky them all

    This is a quick, small guide to unbanning your wii, just in case you've hacked online and got Error Code 20102! I'll try to make this as clear as possible, and if you have any questions, ask.

    Important Note: During this quick guide, Keep in mind that these methods are Region Free (meaning it works for all regions, whether you're in the USA, Europe, or Japan, etc) and are Universal (meaning it works for ALL games, from Pokemon Battle Revolution to SSBB, to MKWii and Boom Blox. Every wifi game, and every future wifi game).

    Since you have to hack to be banned, I'll assume that you know how to use a Codemgr and etc. It's recommended that you use Gecko OS, however.

    Ok, you are banned, and unless you know your way around sites, you probably don't know how to unban yourself, or you do, but you can't get it to work for all games.

    By now, however, this guide is most likely useless, but I'll make it anyways. If you've hacked online before, you probably already know about EC20102. It's obviously an Error Code you can't get out of (it's not your connection), it means Nintendo has banned you.

    Nintendo probably has banned 2 things, your DWC_AUTHDATA and your MAC Address. Let's fix this now, shall we?

    Let's fix this first!
    I don't feel like typing this out. Just watch this video, it explains 'how to' and provides everything you need: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxQ7fcKLh6I

    Before and After Watching, Here are some notes:
    --- The disclaimer states the risk, blah blah etc. Let me tell you that this method is safe, and I haven't bricked my wii doing this. Don't sweat it.
    ----- While using HEdit (the hex editor), do what i did: Just change any of those values to something else! You only have to change one of them. Preferably, just count over 8 then change that.
    ------- If you are banned again for whatever reason, simply go through the video again.

    MAC Address
    I found this out recently actually, and I can personally say it works.

    For the MAC Address, simply use any of these codes, for your appropriate game region:
    Mac Unban [mdmwii, Hamster35000vr] [NTSC-U]
    001D0DB3 00000003

    Mac Unban [mdmwii, Hamster35000vr] [PAL] [Ported by Auto-Porter]
    001C85EB 00000003

    Mac Unban [mdmwii, Hamster35000vr] [NTSC-J] [Ported by Auto-Porter]
    001C850B 00000003

    This works for any game! Remember that! Which means you can just plug in the code in the codemanager for your game!

    What does it do?
    Well, even if your MAC Address is banned, your wii simply "ignores" it and goes online anyways. You don't even have to change your MAC to get online! This means Nintendo can ban your MAC Address a million times and you can keep getting online no matter what!

    If you've got any questions or comments, post them!

    Credits of the codes and methods go to their original creators, as shown in the Unban Code. If you want more info on the subject, go to where it all comes from: volderbeek.freeforums.org


    Re: Wii Unban Stuff

    Post by エメムオ on Wed Feb 03, 2010 3:59 pm

    This unban method is for those who likes to play games via USB Loader GX.

    Full credit for MDMWII for this awesome information.

    1. Open your GAME iso using WIIScrubber or Trucha Signer
    2. Extract 'main.dol' located on 'Partition 2 - DATA' to Desktop
    3. Open 'main.dol' using a hex editor (Hedit, WinHex and so on...)
    4. Search for "7F83E37838A00006"
    5. Change '06' to '03'
    6. Save 'main.dol'
    7. Replace 'main.dol' on Partition 2 - Data with your hex-edited 'main.dol'
    8. Save ISO
    9. Enjoy your MAC Spoofed GAME version

    It seems it will not work on certain game but some of them allows you to conect with no unbans code or anything related to activating cheatscodes.

    My confirmed list of working games:

    -Mario Kart Wii
    -Castlevania Judgment
    -Tatsunoko vs Capcom

    My list of non-working games
    -Call of Duty (Error on connecting to the server)
    -Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Gives back error code 31103)
    -Bomberman Blast disc version (Doesn't do anything)
    -Tales of grace (Doesn't do anything)

    I will add more games to the list after testing them all.


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