[TUT]How to Texture Hack Mario Kart Wii


    [TUT]How to Texture Hack Mario Kart Wii

    Post by エメムオ on Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:15 pm

    Basically, you can reskin Mario Kart Wii to have new textures or to change the color of the street and more.

    What You Will Need!

    First of all, you need a back-up of the game in order to do this. Unlike Brawl that has the SD Loader code for Gecko OS, on Mario Kart still a code does not exist and thus all modified textures have to be imported directly to the game. Before proceeding with this guide, you must have cIOS for both 249 & 222 otherwise the USB loader will not load.

    If you have your system menu 3.2 or less, run the cIOSrev17 installer and choose IOS36 & network install
    If you have your system menu 3.3 or later, you may want to check this guide.

    There is 2 ways to get a back-up copy of Mario Kart:

    1-The fastest way is to purchase a USB pen drive of 8GB or more, this way you can copy your original MKWII disc on 15 minutes. But first make sure to format that to WBFS filesystem before copying your game, uLoader and USB Loader has ability to format the USB drive from your Wii.

    2-You can search over the internet if you can find the game for download, most commonly ilegal for some country like Japan.

    Next you will want to copy the game you just installed on the USB drive.

    You can download Wii Back-Up Manager, an awesome application for your PC that let you manage your Wii games stored on the USB and it can copy your games to your computer.

    Now that you have the game in your computer, You may want to start by using WiiScrubber.

    This video will explain how to use WiiScrubber (credit to Ga1l0w)

    Be sure you have an extra copy of the game somewhere just in case if you damage your 1st copy you have another one to start.

    Next that you have extracted some of the szs file, you may want to use SZS Modifier

    SZS Modifier has been made to alter Mario Kart Wii files such as texture, text, car model
    For more information go here

    SZS Modifier has number of patches of ready to use texture for some of your szs files, to apply such patches just open the file and then go to patches, then choose import netsafe patch. check it's information and then click ok, if gives you an error that means that is the wrong file, after patching you want to "save as" the ready file to be imported back to the game to WiiScrubber and done. I recomend name that file almost the same (like old_mario_gc_mod) so you don't confuse while importing it back to the game.

    Importing the files back with WiiScrubber are almost the same thing you have done extracting them but this time you will use the Replace comand to import your already texturized file. check the video again if you are lost.

    And finally you may want to try out the texture right away so you may want to copy the modified game back to your USB drive with the Wii Back-up manager and when it is finished, plug your USB on the back of your Wii and load it with USB Loader GX and have fun.

    A pack is available on my forum that can help set up this thing quickly.

    Any question regarding to this guide feel free to ask here.

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    Post by Guy on Sun Jan 31, 2010 4:21 pm

    very good tutorial. you should copypasta this at volder, i can guarantee it would be put in resources


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    Post by エメムオ on Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:00 pm

    ok then if you want,you have 100% permission to do it. though i made it for someone who needed help setting up for using texture hacks on Mario Kart. It is not the best tutorial ever made but this is self explanatory so someone can improve this better than me.

    lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!


    Re: [TUT]How to Texture Hack Mario Kart Wii

    Post by Guy on Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:05 pm

    lol, i have no clue how to make my own texture hax on any game really, including ssbb


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    Post by エメムオ on Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:36 am

    Texture hacks are simply replacing pictures or re-edit them with new color and stuff, most of the time and replacing them where you want it until you get it.

    You don't have to make any texture at all, there all tons to choose from and all MKWII tracks has been texturized except there is no textured battle mode yet.

    Since you love texture hacks, this is a great chance to use then in the near future if you want, even you can play online with them and if you plan to do so then you can use your old Wii to play online,USB Loaders can revive Wiis that can't read discs.


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    Re: [TUT]How to Texture Hack Mario Kart Wii

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