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Quick Important Question

elohelz, should we do gyms?
I knoz not all of us do the pokemonz
but with the recent soulsilver game, it's nostalgia out the ass for me. i haven't played pkm in forever

Haz 8 or 4 gyms? You get the idea. Winner gets stuff of some sort

Leaders can PM me, we could put something like i have in my sig, and organize this thang

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Just a quick section. This may stay up, it may not, feedback is still appreciated in the global announcement.

Not everyone plays pokemon constantly including myself but i thought this section would be fun to have. More info is in the sticky within the section. It's under entertainment (teh gymz)

To sign up, PM me.

That's all.

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As you can see the homepage has been changed XD

Tehforum encourages you to do your part on Earth Day tomorrow and turn out the lights for one hour! Do your part to help our planet!

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As you can see, there is a new bar thing on the bottom. I tried to pick a color that wouldn't contrast so badly.
With the addition of the bar, several things have become obsolete.

There are several options on the bar:
Translate: obviously, translates to a chosen language. If you know a different language well and would like to test that out, tell me how well its translation is.

"Latest": Takes away the need of the scrolling "New Posts" on the front page. Shows the latests posts from the site via RSS Feed.

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If you look in the header, you will see a link to IRC Chat. As an alternative to the chatbox, I made a link to Mibbit and to our chat room. If you register on Mibbit, it will save your info for you so you don't have to do anything to log in. It takes you straight to the page to get into the room, so you don't have to fiddle with anything. Also, if you login, you can customize the chat to your liking. Best of all, it is free and if you have adblock, adless. Connects quite well, although I do recommend doing a command when you get on:

/setname SomeRandomName

Else your IP/Host...

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A few things.
1 Fix, Now the time in between posts isn't restricted to 9,999, for whatever reason it was. It's 10 now, that's as low as it can go.

And several new sections:
~ Sports. For sports things
~ Teh Arts. Idk why I took this away anyways? For GFX Design, handmade/drawn art, etc.
~ Teh Newspaper. Real-world news anywhere, discuss it.
~ Anime/Manga. Debating on whether or not this should be roleplay or not. I'm not that into those 2 things, but I know others are, so i made it.
~ Completely...

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From what I've seen, there are 2 (well, 1 kinda) new section

An arcade (yeshhh) ~ Make sure you read the guidelines there real fast like before posting

And i renamed the News & Politics section to "Philosophy and Debate", so it's like a whole new section.

Thats all~

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On 2 small things:

--- Users, you can change your username if you want now

--- Also, when advertising, you may use this URL
If you'd like. It's kinda shorter.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Until then cheers

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3 New
- Tech Talk & Ask/Tell. Really not new, just recently made.
- Collective Intelligence. An idea i came up with, just post any random thought that comes up! Kinda like on Highdeas.
- Under CRAZYYYY you'll notice a new section but you can't get into it. You've earned my respect if you can Wink

2 Less
- Took out the "Blow off Some Heat" section. I'm waiting for more ppl to get that back in
- Took out Polls. Same thing

You'll get something nice...

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If you click on LOLRULES up there you'll notice a fourth item.
It really isn't a rule, but it points out something dealing with drama (i know, we haven't had any yet, this is for the future).

I find drama to be a very important issue to be dealt with on forums, so I went ahead and posted the fourth rule which lays out some ideas on it.

As you notice, there is a link that leads to further reading on fixing drama near that rule (the long explanation). I encourage that if you feel like it, read the longer explanation, it's there to get a point through the heads of people....

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Recently, As some of you may have seen, I did a few touch ups to our nice little forum here, mainly dealing with images.

  • 12 New Sections, Ask/Tell. Ask questions there, or host a thread where you can tell people some of your own knowledge on a subject (Similar to SA's idea, I guess)
    And now Tech Talk, since I found that I didn't have a good section to post in for something to do with CPUs.

  • New forum background! Hopefully you like it. Colors of the rainbow, lol

  • New Forum/Category Icons

  • Changes...

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K done

Hey, it's only the 23432792332nd theme
How you like?
I love it... again.

Tell me how the background looks (you know, the image that should be on the right and left of your screen).
Screenshots would be appreciated because differing screen resolutions normally screw with things.

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I just wanted to make a quick little announcement that even though I am leaving NBN I am still interested in helping here. I had just reached my quota for video game forums. Not that it matters. I'm sorry for the inactivity and I've been checking up on things every once and a while but I'll try to be on more.

And qwert, I'm not making you take NBN. It's completely your choice if you even want to deal with it.

by EnGulf - Comments: 2 - Views: 112
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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever floats your boat, from TehForum.

Have an awesome holiday!


by Guy - Comments: 1 - Views: 119
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Re-Added the Friend Code database in. It is located below Entertainment (Little link there in the description.)

by Spawn - Comments: 0 - Views: 100
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Very minor update
Simply re-added the HAX section. IDK why i took it out in the first place really.

by Guy - Comments: 0 - Views: 93
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I got a home page for the forum here now if you want to use it to advertise. It's just flashy.
Here's the link:

Wait, nvm. I can do the same thing here, I forgot. That link's an alternative though. You'll now notice that if you type in (like not w/portal.htm or index.htm on the end), there's a new page. Feedback would be appreciated, tell me if it looks centered or if it fits your monitor, plz.

Oh, and lol @ portal

by Guy - Comments: 3 - Views: 115
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Excuse deadness. i blame myself for not keeping the site up.

Besides that,
I am here to say that for the christmas / holiday week / watever-you-call it season coming up, I'm gonna Winter the place up somehow.

You see where this is going, ima make it snow here at TehForum. I just have to figure out how w/o the ability to edit templates.

Oh, and try to get in teh holiday spirit and christmas up your ava santa

by Guy - Comments: 10 - Views: 157
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^ Title.
Enjoy everyone!

by Guy - Comments: 0 - Views: 122
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It was missing for a while and so I finally added it. :awesomeface1:

by Spawn - Comments: 1 - Views: 134
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Took out some things on the rules.
Moar freedom.

That is all.
No wait, its not
I need to stop making announcements before i'm done.
You'll also notice a new section of the forum, 'The Cloud'. It describes itself, so yea.
A little hidden benefit is that when you reach 8 posts on this forum (that means you, normal members) you'll be able to edit and delete anyones posts in said forum.

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Quick back to back announcements, but now you'll notice a new theme! The new images were made by me, i hope it isn't too much.

Tell me what you think.
Only thing i'm a little against is post body. Other than that, I'm loving it.

One last thing, I've made the new images, but the main layout still doesn't belong to me. Kudos to who made this wonderful CSS layout.

Ok, I believe i am completely done.
I've fixed some bugs in the theme with text colors. Only problem I can't fix right now is in the Profile, and that's the white text...

by Guy - Comments: 4 - Views: 143
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I'm going to select a new theme for us here at Teh Forum.

Of course, it is NOT MADE BY ME, as all skins are made by hitskin.
Because of this nagging thing, I'm going to at least modify the theme with new, (but similar) images compared to this new theme. I hate just using themes created by someone else, that's lazy.
It'll take me a while to get used to the new CSS I'm looking at. Just in case, I'm backing up this theme just in case we want to go back.

I personally like this theme because of the use of its images, as you can see here my text is overlapping a vector-like...

by Guy - Comments: 1 - Views: 130
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I normally wouldn't put a topic like this here if this site was bustling

Excuse my absense lately, and any late replies you might be getting to questions or anything
I was busy the past few days

But its all good now

by Guy - Comments: 3 - Views: 130
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Something happened with some of the images and whatnot so i decided to fix it for now.
We'll be getting a new Awesome Face bg soon, whenever i find one

That's all

by Guy - Comments: 4 - Views: 129
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These updates weren't made by me, but by our super duper friends back at forumotion, who host this wonderful site

1. You can add a topic description. Idk if you've been to other forums that let you do that, but I have. And trust me, it is a fun feature to have. That's the biggest thing.

2. Automatic Image Resizing. If an image you post is too big, it resizes by itself. Convenient really. If it was intended to be BIGGER, I believe it provides some sort of link to the actual size.

3. Automatic Group Placement. After...

by Guy - Comments: 4 - Views: 129
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The only update I've done was to change it to where your age and location won't show beside your avatar in posts (mainly for the reason of people with smaller avas, i know you don't want to see all of that text. Also, I took the chatango chat off the side for now.

I've been trying to change the site for a more designer's perspective. If you've got any ideas, please tell.

by Guy - Comments: 4 - Views: 93
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Put it on the side.
Tell me your opinion of it, IDK if we should have one or what...

It is nice to have and all though, but Idk how it looks on space and all that

Just tell me your opinion of it in a reply here

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To accompany the season, I made leaves fall on portal like pages (that is, the front page and the rules)

I had to take out the "welcome to tehforum" thing though, it got VERY laggy.
If it's laggy now actually, tell me.

Cheers! I plan on doing a similar thing for winter.

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Added Media so you can place your favorite youtube video or favorite flash video on your profile. BBCode only. HTML doesn't work.

by Spawn - Comments: 2 - Views: 89
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Yet another re-arrangement of sections.
Plan on keeping it like this.
Having a million sections isn't practical, compressed it a tad better.
Enjoy cheers

by Guy - Comments: 0 - Views: 68
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